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The Future of Nissan Driving - IMS

The Future of Nissan Driving - IMS

Nissan Driving

The Future of Nissan Driving: Nissan IMS Sport Sedan Concept

Nissan is always thinking of ways to bring brightness and intuitive technology to the future of its vehicles. By doing so, it is getting its name further into the market and reeling in a new customer base with advanced features that other companies may not have. With the IMS sport sedan concept, the company is doing exactly that while keeping style and luxury in its vehicle design.

What Is the IMS Sport Sedan Concept?

This autonomous technology concept vehicle, created by Nissan Intelligent Mobility, is designed with self-driving mode. Once you activate it, the IMS lights up blue from the front of the vehicle to the rear to make other drivers aware of its status. Both seats in the cabin are designed to face each other to make conversation with eye contact easier with no safety hazards.

How It Will Change the Future

By creating a vehicle with autonomous technology, Nissan provides you with simplicity and creativity that makes driving anything but difficult. This type of vehicle enables you to experience a road trip that involves no contact with the steering wheel and no worries when it comes to road hazards. Its safety features are designed around autonomous technology and provide you with audible and visual warnings when a hazard is nearby.

Travelling in a vehicle with such features could keep you and your passengers safe, as the vehicle will handle the driving responses when it comes to potential road hazards. As drivers, we all know that sometimes our reactions are not on point, which can lead to an accident. By incorporating autonomous technology for hazard reactions, Nissan's IMS sport sedan concept could potentially save your life and protect your vehicle, your passengers, and others around you.

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