Tips To Prolong The Life Of A Nissan LEAF Battery

Since the Nissan LEAF has an electric battery to power the electric powertrain, you must take care of the battery pack to continue enjoying its driving range for years. At Maple Nissan, we can help you learn more about and secure the all-electric Nissan LEAF, a fantastic emission-free transportation method. You can follow various tips to prolong the life of your Nissan LEAF's battery pack, ensuring you enjoy your all-electric Nissan to the fullest. Also, we have a trusted Service Centre ready to support your automotive needs, giving you the assistance you need during your Nissan ownership.

Don’t Fully Discharge The Battery

With 12 charge bars on your Nissan LEAF's display, you will want to keep the charge level above 20%, around three charge bars or higher. Allowing your Nissan LEAF's battery to go under 20% will cause it to degrade quicker and lose some of its capacity, resulting in a lower driving range in the future.

Avoid Fully Charging The Battery

Similar to the disadvantages of discharging your battery to almost zero, charging it to full can also prematurely degrade the battery. Instead, you should maintain a charge level of around 20% to 80 % and keep it at 50% when storing your Nissan LEAF while not in use for long periods.

Try To Limit Fast Charging

Visiting a fast charging station can be a convenient way to recharge your Nissan LEAF's battery pack to return to driving during road trips. However, you will want to limit these visits during every driving since they can degrade your battery pack quicker than regular charging, making it a good option to use only when necessary.

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